Through the 12 Stargate System you can fully integrate all other aspects of your Higher Self (a further 11), and literally embody your Higher Self. This is called ‘Diamond Lightbody’ or Divine Lightbody (the Atlantis Gateway Systems are designed to assist us with this too).. Also we can ultimately activate our ‘Solar Lightbody’ (the integration of the Higher Selves of all), forming a huge Being of Light.. This is our Divine Birthright…  


Do you want to embody your Immortal Self?

The ‘Templar Stargate System’ of this Universe was set up for this very purpose. Earth herself supports this, as she has a diamond core, and of course the 12 portals.. You will find tools here to help you with this..


Stargate Crystal Attunements:

The ‘Stargate Crystals’ are very important for the Evolution of our race…   I’m told that they can shift the energy matrix of anything, bringing it into alignment with the Highest Light of each Soul… This attunement opens a stargate portal which floods the energy matrix with ‘Light’. This will provide a much needed shift out of darkness!!

Stargate Crystal Attunements

12 Template Code download:

This is a download of a ’12 Template Code’ glyph into your energy matrix.. It works towards activating your full 12 strand DNA matrix.. It is a very powerful tool for your growth. I have received feedback from others reporting that they have experienced a sudden increase in physical health, wellbeing and strength. This is because the glyphs are responsible for restructuring the body, which will enable it to pass easily through the Stargates, into Immortality. Of course when our strands are fully activated, we become more than human!! Please book your download now.. (There is currently both a second and third Template Code).. Please note that the ‘Diamond Light Healing Energy’ from the course of the same name, will also restructure the body in preparation for our Ascension…

Book Your 12 Template Code

Book Your 12 Template Code 2

Book Your 12 Template Code 3

Since we also need to be aligned with each Templar Stargate, I am also giving the relevant downloads too. You can book all 12 below (The 5th is aligned with 5D etc) . The 6th to the 12th are generally for those souls who are advanced spiritually, have taken my Courses, and are ready to activate their Immortal God Code in this lifetime .. Please book below… Thank You. 

Templar Stargate 1

Templar Stargate 2

Templar Stargate 3

Templar Stargate 4

Templar Stargate 5

Templar Stargate Code 6

Templar Stargate Code 7

Templar Stargate Code 8

Templar Stargate Code 9

Templar Stargate Code 10

Templar Stargate Code 11

Templar Stargate Code 12

Templar Matrix:

The Templar Matrix is a download, given by the ‘Templar Team’.. a collective group of Beings.. They are providing a new matrix, for All who wish to Ascend to the Higher Dimensions of Light.. This will bring many blessings and benefit the Whole of Creation.. This matrix tends to place you in the ‘zero-point field’, where you will tap into the flow of Harmony and Peace, and incorporate these into your lives…   book below..


Templar Matrix

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