self realization

Self-realization is the true goal of every Soul.

This course is designed to help you with this, to help you in becoming your ‘Higher Self’ and realizing your full Divine Potential!.. Each Attunement will serve to trigger a Greater Awakening within you, and will build upon the template of the previous one. All work together for the ‘Higher Good’ , establishing a new Divine Matrix…

Enlightenment does not happen overnight. However the process can be expedited, through this Course.. You are much more than you know.. Self-Realization will set you free from the Earth matrix of enslavement.. You will ride the surface of the waves, without being engulfed by them.. Nothing will disturb you, since your ‘Higher Self’ will be in full control of All parts of your Life.. The Divine Flow will place you in the ‘Zero point field’ , where you will align with the Creative Forces of the Universe. And as such, nothing shall be impossible unto you…

The Course consists of 13 separate downloads. You must leave a mandatory 3 day gap between each one. Ideally you should have received the ‘Ketheric Healing Course’, the ‘Plasma Light Healing Course’, and the ‘SilverStar Course’, by way of preparation, otherwise the Attunements may not download.. You can book your Course below..

Self Realization Course


Here are some experiences that people have shared:-

“I feel much more aligned with my ‘Higher Self’ and centered in my body after the ‘Self Realization Course’.. Openings have occurred, for example, new energies, and 3 Crystalline Beings have come through, and are now working through me, when I’m doing energy work.. I’m very Grateful!” …. Annie A 

“The ‘Self Realization Course’ inspired me to download a new Healing Modality, which I called ‘Causal Healing’.. I feel more connected to my ‘Higher Self’. Kira’s course gives rise to more inner work and exploration, to discover more of who we truly Are. As always I’m grateful”… Ina L

“After receiving the first download of the ‘Self Realization Course’, I heard my ‘Higher Self’ voice for the very first time. It was a short message in regards to Death and Rebirth. I feel more aligned and confident in my decision making. I’m truly grateful for this course. Thank you Kira “… Maria S

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