Fusion Energy, is one of the energies which ‘Source’ uses, to sustain and maintain ‘Life’… The codes are fired within the ‘Core’ itself. Therefore, it operates outside of the ‘Quantum Field’, which is an extension of ‘Source’ itself..

This energy is linked to the ‘Life Force’ primarily, rather than the manifested fields, thereby enabling it to work quickly and effectively..

The Course which will empower you to use this Divine Gift, is available in 4 energy downloads. You can book the course below.. In order for this energy to be easily integrated by you, your energy field must have a fast/high vibration. Ideally you should have already taken the ‘Zero Point’ Course, in preparation, otherwise your energy field may be overpowered, resulting in symptoms such as excess bodily heat, nausea, headaches, sometimes dizziness too! 

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