SilverStar System ..

The SilverStar Energy shifts our vibration instantly! It moves us out of darkness and despair, and works outside of the Laws, such as ‘The Law of Attraction’.. It has been used by the most advanced and Godly Beings, for the purpose of Evolution, such as ‘The Shining Ones’.. It has recently undergone a significant upgrade too!! This Course will empower you to be able to tap into the energy yourself, to use it. If you have a sufficiently high enough energy matrix, you will also be able to give the energy to others, as a bonus!.. Please book your Course below..

SilverStar System


Atomic Healing Course ..

The Matrix of All Life is made up of atomic particles, which form bonds to create matter. Throughout your life, these bonds have been severed, and through electrical attraction and molecular exciting, new bonds have been formed.. Thus it is that the atomic nature of the molecule is changed, thereby altering the whole biology of form..

Restructuring (Atomic Healing), is done through intention, by asserting the ‘Will’, in alignment with ‘Source’.. Thy Will then becomes your will, and the process of change is effortless.. The energy itself is a superconductor, which in effect sneaks up on the atoms, making them forget who they are, and sending them into a rapid spin. They then reverse and are transformed!

As a rule we have an atomic, genetic and karmic memory. We normally access this memory according to what we identify with.. If we develop a Cosmic Identity, we will have access to the limitless information and potential of the Cosmos. We can however bypass the need for a cosmic identity, by tapping directly into the ‘Divine Intelligence’ of ‘Source’, which does not operate from memory, and is therefore boundless…” 

This course consists of 4 energy downloads, which relate to four of the platonic solids… the ‘Sphere’, the ‘Cube’, the ‘Pyramid’, and the ‘Tetrahedron’…  These are the necessary atomic building blocks of form.. Please book below..

Atomic Course


Bioregenesis Healing ..

This is a new energy and system which returns our cells to their Divine Default Settings. It overrides any programs or patterns that keep our body renewing in a state of misalignment..

Scientists will tell you that our body parts renew themselves completely periodically.. So you may be asking “If this is true, how come my body is still manifesting the same condition, as it was years ago?”

The reason for this is because it is responding to a program, one that we have created or accepted as true for us.. We have not been aware of the limitless potential of our nature. Instead, we have been taught that the world and our bodies are finite.. This is absolutely not true! The Bioregenesis system can override any disharmonious program that originates from other timelines..

It is now possible to return our biology to its divine default setting, enabling us to regenerate ourselves.. This is not a ‘blueprint setting’, but rather a Return to the ‘Soul Imprint’ (blue/white print), which we were given prior to our very first incarnation..

This work is being given through an advanced Collective of Lightbeings which I call the ‘B Collective’ (in 2 parts). The energy generally chooses what to target for restoration.. Please book below…

Bioregenesis Healing Course


Self Realization ..

Self-realization is the true goal of every Soul. This course is designed to help you with this, to help you in becoming your ‘Higher Self’.. Each Attunement will serve to trigger a Greater Awakening within you, and will build upon the template of the previous one. All work together for the ‘Higher Good’ , establishing a new Divine Matrix…

Enlightenment does not happen overnight. However the process can be expedited, through this Course.. You are much more than you know.. Self-Realization will set you free from the Earth matrix of enslavement.. You will ride the surface of the waves, without being engulfed by them.. Nothing will disturb you, since your ‘Higher Self’ will be in full control of All parts of your Life.. The Divine Flow will place you in the ‘Zero point field’ , where you will align with the Creative Forces of the Universe. And as such, nothing shall be impossible unto you…

The Course consists of 13 separate downloads. You must leave a mandatory 3 day gap between each one. You must also have received the ‘Ketheric Healing Course’, the ‘Plasma Light Healing Course’, and the ‘SilverStar Course’, by way of preparation, otherwise the Attunements will not download.. You can book your Course below..

Self Realization Course

Gamma Star..

The ‘Gamma Star ‘ is a counterpart of the ‘Divine Flame of Life’.. This course will evolve your Consciousness significantly.. It will comprise of two downloads. One will be from the Essence itself (the pure white light/energy. The second will be from the Blue Ray/Soul Construct Energy. Since the ‘Divine Flame’ is made up of the white and blue energies… Please book your Course below, price £250..

Gamma Star Course

Diamond Light Healing ..

The ‘Diamond Light’ repatterns our bodies.. It works in alignment with our 12 DNA strands.. Healing and restoring us, in order that we achieve our full potential … Please book your ‘Diamond Light Course’ below…

Diamond Light Course



 ‘EL-HARA’ (power of God)


..These are New systems of Light, which carry Light that is greater than that of the Planetary Logos.. they are beyond the ‘Quantum Field’, and are far more advanced than those currently given to humanity.. The Merkabah fields are expanding to allow a connection to these networks. They contain the ‘Whiteprint’ as opposed to the ‘Blueprint’ (of the soul). This is the ‘Core’ level of ‘Source’ itself…

The first of these systems is the Zero Point’.

Zero Point is the beginning. It is the ‘Alpha’ and ‘Omega’, and is the energy used for Creation .. All things owe their birth to this Energy.. All beings, constructs, life forms, are birthed through the Zero Point Vortex.. This is in effect dark matter, the mysterious substance which exists within the fabric of the Multiverse. It is little understood, how this operates, and is known to but a few..

There are laws governing the ‘Zero Point’ creation tool. These are only accessible at a certain level of light resonance. Therefore, these downloads/courses will only be suitable for such souls…

Each course download will bring in new structures of Light. This Light will change the Etheric nature of form, evolving it to new heights. (this will be given in 4 downloads).

You are much more than your multidimensional selves. You are Pure Light which is not contained within a vessel. The vessel is an inhibitor to this Light, which seeks to be free to express itself without limitation.. This is your Ultimate Divine Purpose.

.. The second is the ‘Fusion Healing’. Energy particles fuse together in order to form new bonds. Thereby creating a New Matrix of Light…  This will also be given in 4 downloads..

I am honoured to pioneer these systems! There will be more to follow, I’m told!!…

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Courses?

All Courses are remote energy downloads, given by myself at your pre-booked date/time..

Is There any Learning or Course Work?

No. All downloads contain light packets of information and all the necessary Light Codes that will empower you to use the energy…

How Will the Downloads Affect Me?

You may or may not feel the incoming energy, this depends upon your sensitivity to energy. You may notice changes within yourself too. However you will certainly witness changes in those you transmit the energies to, since you will subsequently be empowered to give these energies to others, to assist them to heal, and elevate their consciousness…

Do I Need to Prepare before Receiving ?

No preparation is required. Just relax for about 20-30 minutes, sitting or lying down, to receive. It is preferable not to have distractions either, such as phones ringing!…


At some point after your session, you will receive a confirmation email, and any additional information if applicable ..

Join us today?

Please join us in this momentous upward movement of ‘Souls’… Our time has arrived at last!!

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