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Your Ascension:

Hi I’m KiRa.. This site is dedicated to Ascension through the 12 Templar Stargates, and to health, wellbeing and spiritual growth.. These are unprecedented times..!
The Earth has been very much a prison planet for thousands of years. This is because the ‘Templar Stargate System’ has been corrupted by nefarious entities, those who operate at the ‘service to self’ level.. The result of this corruption has been a distortion in the Template Codes, and hence a distortion within our own bodies, resulting in ‘death’.
Because of this we were not able to align with the 12 Stargates, and not able to activate our 12 DNA strands fully, which are essential for moving into the ‘Eternal Life’ flow of Source/Creator.. The state we call ‘Death’ is a result of this distortion.. We were never meant to die! Lies and falsehoods have been fed to us. Our attention has been distracted outwardly, to nature and its cycles of ‘life and death’, instead of inwardly to the divine treasures that lie within us..
Agendas have been birthed on this planet to convince us that we are ‘Sinners’, or ‘Unintelligent’. So much so that we need to be rescued by technology, by ‘AI’, which apparently will serve all of our needs?.. It is a fact that the only way to Divinity is through the body, through our DNA, not via computer chips inserted into our brains, controlling our very thoughts and actions… WE CANNOT ASCEND INTO LIFE ETERNAL through artificial intelligence or any other technology..

As a Guardian of the Amenti Stargates..

 .. I am here to serve you… I have already restored the ‘Gateway Systems’ to Earth. The energy from these systems will correct any DNA manipulation, and any faulty gene codes, since it contains the ‘DNA Reverse program’.. Any alterations or modifications in your DNA that are not aligned with your original ‘Divine/Angelic/Human’ template, will be overwritten/reversed.. To read more about this DIVINE ENERGY , please visit HERE


 I have channeled the ‘Creator’s Ascension Tools’, known as the ‘Elohim Grids’ (originally called the ‘Orion Star Grids’, since they are held within the ‘Centre for Evolutionary Programming’ in the Orion Belt ). You can find them HERE.  They are meant for the Birth of the ‘Divine Human’. They are also an invaluable tool for building/healing the Lightbody, and activating our dormant DNA, so that we can make our Ascension easily..

Due to my Elohim/Oraphim lineage..

..and guardianship of the etheric vaults of Amenti, I have been able to channel the sacred texts which lie within, specifically the VIBRATIONAL TOOLS of Giza. These tools use ‘Sound & Breath’ technology and a type of Fibonacci Sequencing, to build the energy layers that culminate in the shifts in Consciousness that you will experience when you read them. Furthermore they are written in Universal Star Language, not Earth Language, but are easy to read ( understanding the words isn’t necessary, only the energy that they build within you).. You can read more HERE

If my work resonates with you, I offer Courses and Attunements for your Empowerment.. And also free Self-mastery videos, and more … All energy work is remote, and is transmitted without the use of phones, Skype or any other medium.. Please note that although the name ‘Ministry’ is used in our title, this has no bearing upon any religion. We have no religious affiliation, and see All as One Sovereign Being of Light, created to be free. Freedom,  Empowerment and Expansion are our objectives.. We look forward to meeting you ♥♥♥



How I Can Help You?

..You can call upon us for all of your ascension, vibrational and healing needs (I work with higher dimensional Lightbeings… ..and Beings who exist beyond the ‘Quanta’) . This work includes healing your Soul, raising your Consciousness and Vibration, releasing your Kundalini and Activating your Lightbody at all levels…


…These will be in the form of attunements or energy downloads, given remotely. The Courses also will provide upgrades to your energy field/matrix, and empower you to upgrade others.. Book your Courses HERE. Book your Upgrades HERE. 

Soul Transformation

…These will include healing the Soul, rescuing lost fragments, and re-integrating them.. releasing Soul traumas, in order for you to become ‘Whole’ again. This may also include ‘Inner Child Integration’ work.. visit HERE.


..Healing takes place when higher frequencies are added to our matrix.. Our Healings will consist of either the ‘Ketheric’, ‘Scalar’, ‘Transcendence’, ‘Diamond Light’ or ‘Atomic’ healing.. You can book these Here..  

Empower Yourself

…..To Heal, to expand your Consciousness, and connect with your inner Light and Greatness.. This is a journey that we can take together. We are all following a Divine Soul Path. One which has been very difficult for most, being weighed down by density. We are Spiritual Beings having a physical experience. Our minds project into the quantum field of reality, so that everything within us, is displayed outside of us. We are in fact the Creators and architects!  Now is the time to let our Light Shine!

Join us today!

…Consider joining us if you have a vision of a better Life, a Sovereign one and wish to expand your Personal Growth, and help others to do the same!!… Contact Us: kira@templarhealingministry.com

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